The Sweet Redemption — my new book


My new book and first mystery novel: The Sweet Redemption, An Inspector Korg Mystery . . . Music, Money, Mystery and Murder!

Good yarn, faced paced, great ending.

I had an idea for a perfect murder so I met with a prosecutor and four homicide detectives and detailed it. Heh, heh. I then expected them to explain how they would catch me, which would help make a story line for the book.

Instead, they all laughed, and said, “We’d never catch you!” and called me a “diabolical mastermind.” Made me laugh, too. Then, together, amid our favorite distilled spirits, they worked with me to add the clues they would need to break the case, and along with author’s discretion, that’s how we created the story line for the book.

There’s so much BS on television these days — find out how detectives really work.

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Released for 2013

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Faced paced, good plot

“Sweet Redemption” is probably the best mystery I’ve read in a while. Author Thomas F. Stienstra’s Inspector Korg is the quintessential idea for a seasoned detective: quiet, introspective, clever, rule bending and very likeable. Not a gumshoe by any means, Korg is an everyday guy, doing what he’s good at – and what he loves.

One week from retirement, Korg is contemplating his career, when he’s offered an intriguing assignment. “This could be one of those real easy ones, where the guy shows up this afternoon. Or maybe complicated, the kind you like, one that would give you a chance to go out on top,” his old friend Joe Roper tells him when he calls to offer him a hot case.

Deviled by the addition of a fresh young inspector, Sager, and a frustrated by the prickly, demanding, politically oriented DA, Roberta Pritchett, Korg takes on a murder with no body, a myriad of suspects, and plunges into the world of rock `n’ roll for one last hot case before he’s “gone fishin’.”

“Sweet Redemption” is fast-paced, good narrative, with a solid, non-transparent plot that keeps the pages turning. Stienstra has a very good grasp on the music business and how it works, and all of the characters in this story are believable. Long enough to be satisfyingly complete, and short enough for a good weekend read, “Sweet Redemption” is an all around winner.

K Abel “BookDiva” (Kansas)

Not Just an Outdoor Writer

Everyone knows that Tom Stienstra is an outstanding outdoor writer. Until I read this book, I had no idea he could write a “who done it” murder mystery. This isn’t just an attempt at something different; it’s a highly professional, well written novel. I have a feeling Inspector Korg might be entertaining us again and again. I’m also impressed with Stienstra’s obvious knowledge of law enforcement. — Steve


I know Tom Stienstra from his outdoor column in the San Francisco Chronicle and his many outdoor books (fishing, camping, hiking, etc.) I was a little curious about a novel attempt. Three pages later, all fears disappeared. The accompanying reviews describe the characters and plot well but Stienstra’s obvious knowledge of the music business, weather, police procedures, D.A. politics and especially the geography of the Bay Area, adds an element not often found in a mystery novel. There are no lapses in this book. Therefore…”More…more!” — Bob Simms, radio show host

The Sweet Redemption

Tom Stienstra hits it out of the park with The Sweet Redemption. This is a unique and intriguing murder mystery with a different twist. The Sweet Redemption keeps the reader turning the pages with anticipation, from the first few paragraphs to the end. The ending you won’t guess or ever forget. I hope Stienstra continues this series and keeps Inspector Korg alive in the pages of mystery novels. Good job on your first mystery Stienstra, now let’s have another please!– John Beath “Book seller”

Sweet Redemption

“Sweet Redemption” is a pulse pounding novel that grips you as if it were happening in your own backyard. Tom Stienstra brings back memories of the mysterious meltdown of a famous Oakland Hills rock band in this new tale of rock and roll wrongdoing on the Coastside. Don’t plan on coming up for air. — douglas laughlin

The Sweet Redemption: An Inspector Korg Mystery (Paperback)

This new book got me from the first page. I am in the midst of the book and it’s a “sweet” page-turner! I really like it and would recommend it. — Susan “SAS”

A Fast Page Turner

In The Sweet Redemption, Tom Stienstra has beautifully segued from award winning outdoor writer (where I first got to know him
through his articles and books) to a fast-paced mystery novelist. His well-constructed characters come to life during a week long
adventure in search of a rock star manager who has disappeared. It pulls you to want to find out the ending…and you’ll never
forget it when you do!! The Sweet Redemption: An Inspector Korg Mystery — Jim McDaniel

Great Novel

Great novel . . . Would recommend to others. — Terry Jackson