Sunshine Jobs

Career Opportunities, Working Outdoors

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Second Edition
By: Tom Stienstra
Series: Live Oak Publications
ISBN-13: 978-0911781151
Pages: 300
Price: $16.95 US
Published: Apr 1997

Tom Stienstra, the nation’s top-selling outdoors writer, presents fifty different outdoor job and career opportunities, featuring what jobs are available, how much they pay, training and education requirements, the pros and cons of each job, and strategies for getting the job you want.

Highlighted are 100 first-person interviews with 100 professionals who work at these jobs, speaking frankly about the dreams, realities and nightmares of each. Each career choice also provides references and addresses for those willing to take the next step in shaping their lives.

Notes from Tom: People who have careers in the outdoors have their lives filled with adventure, and are not only happy in their work, but are paid well for it. Sound good? It is.

It turns out that there are many paths to the same truth. In researching this book, my assistant and I found 50 outdoor careers from a diverse spectrum of interests, requirements, financial risks and rewards. The jobs span from photographer to park ranger, from surfing instructor to hydrologist, from tackle shop owner to radio show host. Take a good look and see what attracts you. It turns out there are many options, whether you are planning a career start, a career change, or want a seasonal job, retirement income, or some bonus cash on weekends. Always remember: You decide.

To provide an inside look at what is possible, we interviewed more than 100 outdoor career professionals across North America. In their own words, they tell you each job’s requirements, prospects, benefits, pay, negatives, and future. Also included is an overview of each job and a capsule summary, as well as where to write for more information or networking.

Remember that you have two ears and one mouth because it is twice as hard to listen as it is to talk. So listen closely to what these professionals have to say because they will tell you what you need to know. As you shop through the book for possibilities, you may see how people can make a pro-active choice as to how they wish to spend their lives. Because of that, the individual who takes the initiative to learn a craft, then moves forward with resolve and enthusiasm, will soar off to success.

The opposite of that, you may otherwise discover, is to start every day as a prisoner of hope. When I quit my job as a sportswriter in the 1970s, I floundered about for nearly a year trying to become an outdoors writer because I had no idea of how to go about my new mission or where to turn for help. Many can empathize, regardless of the field. This book will solve similar dilemmas for newcomers to an outdoor field. So do your homework and plan your strategy from start to finish, and then make the commitment to take your trail as far as it will go.

The outdoors is good for the soul. An outdoor-related job can be rewarding on all levels…physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. Along with spiritual strength, physical health and love, having a fulfilling career is one of the best ways there is to improve your life.

Onward with your quest!

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